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This is a full listing of our repertoire from past concerts:


Clarinet and piano

Johannes Brahms: Sonatas, op. 120, nr. 1,2
Donald Christensen: Elegy for Joni
Robert Cundick: Turnabouts
Franz Danzi: Sonata
Niels Gade: Fantasy Pieces
Günter Habicht: Sonatina
Bohuslav Martinu: Sonatina
Georges Marty: Premiére Fantaisie
Francis Poulenc: Sonata
Ferdinand Ries: Sonata, op. 29
Carl Reinecke: Introduction and Allegro appasionato, op. 256
Camille Saint-Saëns: Sonata
Robert Schumann: Fantasy Pieces
Gregorio Sciroli: Sonata

2 clarinets, clarinet and basset horn or 2 basset horns

Carl Ph. Em. Bach: Duett
Ludwig van Beethoven: Duos for clarinet and basset horn
Frédéric Berr: Duo nr. 1. op. 38
Carl Philipp Braun: Duetto for two basset horns
Franz Thaddäus Blatt: Duo, Op. 29, Nr. 3
Ernest Cavallini: Grand Duo Nr. 1 Eb Major
Joseph Haydn: Duetto Nr. 1-6
Bernhard Henrik Crusell: Duetto, op. 6, Nr. 1-3
Willy Hess: Duos in Form einer Suite
Willy Hess: Suite Pittoresque for clarinet and basset horn
Wolfgang Hormann: Five Inventions
Conradin Kreutzer: Duo in C Major
Friedrich Kuhlau: Duo, op. 81, nr. 2
Jean-Xavier Lefévre: Duo op. 9
W. A. Mozart: Duo Op. 69, nr. 1-6
F. Poulenc: Sonata


2 clarinets and piano

Bernhard Henrik Crusell: Rondo
Amilcare Ponchielli: Il Convegno

clarinet, basset horn and piano

Norman Heim: Southwest Suite Op. 131
Jaroslav Mastalir: Trio Concertante, op. 35, no. 1 and
Intermezzo Concertante, op. 35, no. 2
Felix Mendelssohn: Concert Pieces, op. 113 and 114

3 clarinets

J. Bouffil: 6 Trios, op. 7, no. 1-3, op. 8, no. 1-3
Arnold Cooke: Suite
Norman Heim: Preludes and Interludes, Op. 72
Norman Heim: Sinfonia
Joseph Friedrich Hummel: Trio in Bb major and Trio in Bb minor
Rudolf Jettel: Theme and Variations
Jean Meyer: Variations on a Classical Theme
Marcel Poot: Terzetto
Jules Semler-Collery: Terzetto
Jeno Takacs: Five Pieces, op. 112
Gustave Vogt: Adagio Religioso
James Waterson: Second Grand Trio Concertante

2 clarinets and basset horn

Giuseppe de Blumenthal: Sei Pezzi Scielti
Norman Heim: Dance Episodes, op. 233
Bertold Hummel: Noel
Peter Paulitsch: Präludium, Fantasie and Ragtime
Robert Stark: Sonata in g minor

3 basset horns

Norman Heim: Lexington Trio, op. 151
Mozart: Divertimenti KV Anh. 229 (439b), numbers 1-5
Mozart: Divertimento "Cosi fan tutte"
Mozart: Divertimento "Die Hochzeit des Figaro"
Mozart: Divertimento "Die Zauberfl�te"
Mozart: Divertimento "Don Giovanni"
Mozart: Divertimento "La Clemenza di Tito"

Eb clarinet, A clarinet and bass clarinet

Marcel Mihalovici: Sonate

2 clarinets and bass clarinet

Mozart: Canonic Adagio


4 clarinets

Pierre Bigot: Trois Pieces Breves
Elliott Carter: Canonic Suite
Edward Clay: Ragging the Scale
Yvonne Desportes: Ceux du village, Vol. 1,2, and 3
Pierre Dubois: Quator
Arthur Frackenpohl: Licorice Licks
Clare Grundman: Bagatelle
Paul Harvey: Fantasia
Norman Heim: Celebration Suite
Gordon Jacob: Scherzetto, Pavana, and Gopak
Alexandre Rydin: Bucolique
Jules Semler-Collery: Quartetto
Stewart Smith: Suite
Henri Tomasi: Trois Divertissements

3 clarinets and bass clarinet

Carl Böhm: Quartet in F major
Arnold Cooke: Concertante Quartet
Bernhard Crusell: Quartetto
Claude Debussy: Le Petit Negre
Brian Ferneyhough: Sonatina
Jean Françaix: Petit Quatuor
Paul Harvey: Quartet
Norman Heim: Suite Fantasia, op. 224
Trygve Madsen: Clarinet Marmalade, op. 79
Mozart/Lancelot: Petite Musique de Nuit
Jeno Takacs: Serenade
Alfred Uhl: Quartett
James Waterson: Grand Quartet
Kurt Weill: Music from 3 Penny Opera
Heiner Wiberny: Ulla in Africa
Gregory W. Yasinitsky: Jazz Suite

Bb clarinet and 3 basset horns

Mozart: Adagio in F, KV 580a

Mixed Clarinet Quartet: Eb, 2 Bb clarinets and bass clarinet

Tomaso Albinoni: Sonate en sol Mineur
Claude Arrieu: 5 Mouvements
Jacques Bondon: Movimenti
Ferenc Farkas: Antiche danze Ungheresi
Ferenc Farkas: Scenes from Hungary

Eb clarinet, Bb clarinet, basset horn and bass clarinet

Paul Harvey: Quartet

2 Bb, basset horn and bass

Astor Piazzolla: Four For Tango
Astor Piazzolla: Histoire du Tango
Robert Stark: Fantasias
Robert Stark: Serenade


5 clarinets

Désiré Dondeyne: Rapsodie
Jules Semler-Collery: Piéce Récréative
François Vercken: Spiroide

4 clarinets and bass clarinet

Issac Albeniz/Kovacs: Tango
Bizet/Wilhelm: Les Toreadors
Désiré Dondeyne: Petite Suite Pastorale
Dvorak/Kovacs: Humoresque
Dvorak, Clair Johnson: Menuetto from Serenade, Op. 44
George Gerschwin: Somebody Loves Me
Faustin et Maurice JeanJean: Guisganderie
Scott Joplin: Pine Apple Rag
Scott Joplin: Rose Leaf Rag
Friedrich Milde: Klarinettenserenade
V. Monti/Kovacs: Csárdás
Ira P. Schwarz: Capriccio

3 clarinets, basset horn and bass clarinet

Stephen Foster: Jazz Suite
Norman Heim: Sinfonietta, op. 261
Ira P. Schwarz: Capriccio

2 clarinets, 2 basset horns, bass clarinet

Mozart/Christensen: Quintet in C minor, KV 388/516b
Mozart/Stark: Quintette

2 clarinets and 3 basset horns

Mozart: Adagio, KV 484a

Eb clarinet, Bb, basset horn, bass clarinet and piano

Norman Heim: Chamber Concerto, op. 281

Piano Solo

J.S. Bach

Prelude & Fuge D minor (WTK I)
Prelude & Fuge C# major (WTK I)
Partita No. 2, C minor
Capriccio BW 992

W.A. Mozart

Sonata C major, KV 330
Sonata B major, KV 333

L.v. Beethoven

Sonata No. 3, op. 2
Sonata op. 13 (Pathetique)
Sonata op. 28 (Pastorale)
Concert No. 3, C minor

F. Chopin

Ballade F minor, No. 4
Études op. 10, No. 1, No. 12
Polonaise Ab major, op. 53

R. Schumann

Carnaval op. 9
Toccata C major, op. 7

F. Liszt

Totentanz (with orchestra)
Harmonies du soir (Douze Études Transcendentales)

P.I. Tschaikowsky

The Seasons: February, October, November

S. Rachmaninov

Préludes: No. 12, op. 32 (G# minor); No. 5, op. 23 (G minor)
Études tableaux: op. 39: No. 5 (Eb minor), No. 1 (C minor)
Six moments musicaux

A. Scriabin

Sonata No. 4
Préludes No. 9, 10 / op. 11 (E major, C# minor)
Étude, No. 12, op.8 (D# minor)

M. Ravel

Oiseaux tristes (Mirroirs)

C. Débussy

Pagodes (I)
L'isle Joyeuse

I. Strawinsky

Pétrouschka: Danse russe

S. Prokofiev

Suggestions diabolique

A. Ginastera

Sonata No. 1

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